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The KAYfilms Commercial Screenplay Contest (DEADLINE AUGUST 1ST, 2013)

KAYfilms Productions is producing 3-5 spec commercial spots this fall to create a commercial reel, and we need scripts! We’re looking for scripts advertising national bands, visually driven (no dialogue), that tell a story in 30 seconds and connect an emotion to the brand. We want scripts that tie into the brand’s existing campaign or image, especially if they can do so in a fresh way. What we’re going for are spots that the marketing department for the brand would want to use if they saw them.

Recommended brands:


Brands to avoid (they’ve been overdone):


Feel free to choose widely-recognized brands that do not appear on either list. Brands that involve small, inexpensive items (such as Cheetos) are preferable, as the spots will be low budget and we want to maximize our production value.

Send scripts to KAYfilms Productions at kayfilmscasting@gmail.com by August 1st, 2013 to be considered. Writers will be notified on August 5, 2013.

You may send a single script, up to 5 scripts from different brands, or a cohesive multiple-spot campaign. A campaign is your best shot to have multiple scripts chosen, giving you credit, more potential deferred pay, and more completed spot copies to work with.

DO NOT copy existing spots from the brand you choose. That is plagiarism, and if you are caught you will not be chosen.

Compensation: All writers whose work is used will receive copies of the finished spots to use in whatever manner they see fit*. In addition, they will receive deferred pay as negotiated in their individual contracts in the event that the spots generate revenue for KAYfilms Productions. This, however, is unlikely. Writers should understand that the copy is their only guaranteed method of compensation.

*As the spots will not be officially licensed or approved by the brands, we strongly recommend that writers do not intentionally deceive anyone by claiming that they are real ads for the brands involved. KAYfilms Productions will take no responsibility for legal consequences faced by writers who do so.

KAYfilms Screenplay Contests

Occasionally, KAYfilms Productions will hold screenplay contests to find our next project. Below, you'll find our current and past contests, including deadlines, submission information, and results.

What makes a good submission? Click here to find out.

The KAYfilms Short Screenplay Contest (CLOSED)

 We've found our next story! After reading dozens of compelling screenplays, we found many that we wish we had the budget to produce, many that made us wish we could produce three at the same time, and one that we knew was the right one for KAYfilms to tackle next.

 The first category, "If Only We Had the Budget", features screenplays that we loved, but we don't have the resources to do make them shine like they deserve.

Penelope Pan Syndrome
Broken Water
Happy-Dale Home
Channeling Jane
Harry Goodman Goes Outside
Not By Choice
House Hunters for the Homeless

Next we have our Finalists, the screenplays that we loved and which fell within our budget.

The Process
You're No Genius
December 28th
Angel of Destruction
The Greek Who Wasn't
Woman in the Park
Zombie Prank

 Of course, KAYfilms can currently only produce one film at a time. So we had to make our choice.

We chose Zombie Prank by Gretchen Elhassani!


The KAYfilms Summer Screenplay Contest

In 2012 we held the first ever KAYfilms Summer Screenplay Contest, looking for the feature that KAYfilms would produce that summer. We found our film, Sacrifice by Annette Sanchez! 

Initially, we intended for the KfSSC to be an annual event, where KAYfilms would have a new feature to shoot every summer. However, in the process of filming Sacrifice, things changed. We now have a project for next summer, meaning that we unfortunately cannot hold the second KfSSC in 2013. Whether we will hold another KfSSC in the future is still to be decided. 

2012 First Place:

Sacrifice by Annette Sanchez

"Sacrifice is about rising up from depression.  The story is about sacrificing all that you love in order to protect it.  Sacrifice is about redemption, forgiveness, and healing."

- Annette Sanchez

 Sacrifice wrapped on August 11th, and is in post-production.

What Makes a Good Submission?

When KAYfilms hosts a screenplay contest, we get a lot of submissions. How do we sift through all of them, and which ones rise to the top? Here's a few tips for making your submission stand out.

  • Follow the rules. If we ask for a short, give us a short. If we ask for comedy, give us comedy. You might think that going outside the rules will make you stand out, but instead it just means we can't use your screenplay.
    • On that note, make sure you give us the materials we ask for. Usually, we want a PDF copy of your screenplay. A logline or synopsis isn't enough to go on, and if we have to ask for a copy it just wastes our time and yours. Send a copy right off the bat with your synopsis and logline, and it will help us expedite our selection process. And we like people who expedite things for us. :)
  • Put your title in the subject line, and make it a catchy one. A title should tell us something about your screenplay, and preferably should be one we can use for the film itself.
  • Put the title in the file name. Leave out dates and other miscellaneous information. For instance, if the title is Sacrifice, the file name should be Sacrifice.pdf. That makes our job easier, and it makes it easier for us to match your screenplay with you. Also, it just looks cleaner.
  • We don't need your entire life's work. Other screenplays you've written aren't relevant to your submission. If the particular screenplay you're sending has won awards or otherwise been recognized, let us know! We like that. But we judge screenplays based on their content and our ability to do them justice. We don't judge based on the writer's achievements. If you wrote 10 award-winning screenplays and 1 sub-par screenplay, and then submit that one to us, your 10 award-winners won't make us like the one you sent us more. Conversely, if this is your masterpiece, we won't knock points off because you don't have an extensive resume of success.
  • Use your best judgment. You may have 5 screenplays you'd like to send, but we can't read all of them. If they're feature-length, send one. If they're short, you can send up to three. Look at the contest listing and use your best judgment to decide which one or ones we'll like best.
  • Use proper spelling and grammar. Please. You're a writer, and your writing is what we're judging. If your e-mail is poorly written, we might lose confidence in your writing before we even see your screenplay. If your screenplay is poorly written, we won't want to keep reading. You want us to keep reading. We shouldn't have to say this, but sadly we've seen too many submissions come through with horrible misspellings and grammar mistakes that make the e-mails and the screenplays almost unreadable. If you don't know how to spell something or where that comma goes, look it up.
    • Note: Fragments are okay, as well as dialects. You can break any spelling or grammar rule as long as you have a reason. So learn the rules, and then make artistic decisions about when to break them.

We hope these suggestions help you put together a submission we'll be excited to see in the KAYfilms inbox! We wish all our contestants the best of luck.

In an effort to avoid hypocrisy, please e-mail us at kayfilmscasting@gmail.com if you see any spelling or grammar errors on the KAYfilms website.