KAYfilms Productions

An independent production company.

About the Film

Sacrifice is our first feature film! Filming started June 29th and we wrapped August 11th. The film is currently in post-production. After completion, we'll begin submitting it to festivals. The script was written by Annette Sanchez, winner of the KAYfilms Summer Screenplay Contest (KfSSC).

Cast and Crew

Here's the cast list:

Catherine - Angel Pierce
Joseph - Joshua Robertson
Lilah - Amilie Baker
Carin - Juliette Pedretti
Dr. Rebecca Mendez: Claudia Valerio
Myra - Anne Guzman
Joe - Dan Eggleston
Agnes - Addie Alexander
Young Catherine - Gracie Wakefield
Young Jake - Jentzen Ramirez
Older Jake - Eric Ragsdale
Young Alexandra - Madison McGuire
Older Alexandra - Cassandra Dixson
Laura -  Danielle Bondurant
Sarah - Christy Decker
Karen - Christal Cureington
Mrs. Binder - Rana Haddad
Mrs. Sloan - Jennifer Joseph
Mrs. McGee - Jennifer Bateman
Dr. Sonia Walters - Rocio Garza
Candace - Courtney Hans
Waitress - Kylee Orlando

And our wonderful crew:

Written by: Annette Sanchez
Produced and Directed by: Katie Young
Director of Photography: Colemar Nichols
Assistant Camera and Editor: Dana Rasmussen
Production Assistants: Sara Golombeck
                                    Allison Veteikis

 Here are our leads!



 Angel Pierce (Catherine) and Amelie Baker (Lilah)

Angel is an extremely talented actress who handles the role of Catherine with great feeling and depth. Her daughter in real life, Amelie, plays her daughter onscreen, Lilah. Amelie has been a joy to work with, an adorable little girl full of energy and smiles.


Joshua Robertson (Joseph)

Joshua, whose daughter Madison plays the role of Young Alexandra, came on the project last minute. He's been great to work with, and has definitely brought his own perspective to the film! He's also dedicated a lot of his own time and resources to being in this film, traveling from Dallas to Austin for every shoot. A hard worker, he takes his role seriously and is always on set early and ready to go!

 Claudia Valerio (Dr. Rebecca Mendez)

Claudia, a wonderful and talented actress, is always on set and ready to go, even if it takes hours to get to her first scene of the day! She plays Catherine's therapist and close friend Dr. Rebecca Mendez.


 Addie Alexander (Agnes)

Addie comes from Brooklyn (now living in Austin), and has brought her own unique personality and opinions to the set. She's fun, friendly, and really fits her role as Agnes, Catherine's new friend who gives her support and shelter, as well as some much-needed tough love.