KAYfilms Productions

An independent production company.

About The Film

KAYfilms Productions and 360 Studios are creating a short film to be shot in early-mid July in Austin, TX. We're casting right now. We intend to make the film available online, submit it to festivals, and use it to pitch for funding for a full-length feature.  

In “Writer” (working title), Doug’s life is being controlled by a higher power -- the writer of the screenplay he’s in. Finally fed up with the Writer telling him what to do, he rebels, trying to establish his own free will. His girlfriend Ally tries to calm him down, but the Writer is pulling her strings too. The situation escalates to a final confrontation between Doug and the Writer, and the result will determine how much freedom Doug really has.

For more information on this film, send an e-mail to Katie Young at kayfilmscasting@gmail.com.